Our high performance systems each have HD colour cameras, enabling engineers to easily identify objects causing blockages and are able to survey pipe sizes between 50mm and 1200mm in diameter.

Our CCTV operators are trained and accredited to OS19X for piped drain and sewers, OS20X and also MSCC4 (Manual Sewer Classification Coding). These accreditations are a pre-requisite for all operators who prepare CCTV reports for long term recording purposes.

Upon completion of the CCTV drainage survey, our clients are provided with a full colour DVD and a comprehensive WinCan version 8 report alongside recommendations prepared by a fully qualified engineer.

Typically deployed to find and record faults within drainage systems, we can help prevent any failures in the system. CCTV is used within the construction industry, at the point of site handover. The engineer will carry out a comprehensive evaluation, producing a report on the sites drainage systems, verifying the integrity, cleanliness and operational effectiveness. The report is vital to the assured and complete handover of a building preventing on-going disputes over liabilities, should systems fail.


Conditional & Connectivity CCTV Surveys

Conditional and connectivity surveys assess the internal condition of our drains and sewage systems unearthing any pipe collapses, rot damage or blockages. Inspecting the structural condition means that any problems can be dealt with straight away and any future problems can be avoided.

Pre-adoption CCTV Surveys

Pre adoption surveys are carried out by water authorities, builders, architects, developers and local authorities when buying assets which involve drainage systems. It provides confirmation and security that the pipelines are in good condition, that no unknown environmental risks are being accepted and there are no hidden problems within the drainage systems.


Push Rod Cameras

For pipes smaller than 150mm (6 inches) we use an advanced push rod camera system, which consists of a camera attached onto a rod, which can be manually navigated to identify problems. This provides the same level of reporting, but is able to access narrow, smaller pipes.

Crawler Camera CCTV Drainage Survey Rig

The crawler unit drain camera is another remote controlled CCTV camera system. It has 4-wheel drive, colour CCTV inspection and suitable for pipes between 50mm and 1200mm in diameter.

CCTV Services

Push Rod CCTV Unit

Aquaflow has the latest and most professional cameras using solo pro push rod system, reliable and capable of surveying pipelines from 75mm – 225mm with a length of up to 100m.

There’s the optional extra of the new pan and tilt facility to view lateral connections whilst travelling though each pipeline. The viewings recorded are stored on a hard drive built into camera system and can be viewed instantly or transferred to usb.

The reports are compiled using the latest Wincan VX web enabled software and can be produced onsite in our camera studio built into each surveying vehicle. The reports are easily viewable online through our cloud based system (user friendly).

Crawler CCTV Unit

Aquaflow has the latest in pipeline surveying technology. Being the first to use the latest Wincan VX reporting software enabling us to utilise the web cloud as a means of distributing the documents, photos and videos for our clients to view.

We have custom built vehicles to suit our equipment, the customer requirements and the working environment. The surveying vehicles have integrated studios so drainage reports can be produced at the point of works using the latest software.

Our professional push rod cameras systems are capable of surveying pipelines 75mm to 225mm with a distance of up to 100m. Inclusive the pan and tilt facility which is a professional addition to our push rod systems and new to the current market.

Our most versatile crawler units are packed with features.

The PROTEUS CRP150 is a robust, lightweight and extremely powerful 6 wheel drive, steerable crawler, and offers everything needed for professional pipeline inspection. Capable of surveying pipelines from 150mm upwards.

The PROTEUS CRP300 is the beast of crawler units, significant in size to handle the largest of pipe bore. With rubber air filled tyres and again steerable, it’s capably of surveying pipelines from 450-2000mm.

PROTEUS CRP150 and CRP300 crawlers are part of an extensive modular system for the pipeline inspections and used in conjunction with the latest reporting software (Wincan VX, web enabled reports).


Example Report;

Example Report