Our Employee of the Month for October is Hannah Thorne.

Hannah is an important member of the Head Office team, working in processing and dispatch. The last month, Hannah has taken her work to a new level, often assisting her colleagues at a detriment to her own workload, with her attention to detail and diligence being admirable. She is a very popular member of the team and we have high hopes for her continued development within her role.

Congratulations Hannah.


It gives us great pleasure to announce that the winner of Employee of the Month for September is Trevor Evans.

Trevor is a pleasure to work with and a very capable, polite and professional engineer who we hope will be with Aquaflow for a very long time. He seems to be going from strength to strength since his arrival, has a very good attitude towards clients, is always willing to help with an extra job on the way home and seems to be taking note of good practice from other engineers. Nothing seems to be an issue for Trevor and he is proving to be a great asset to the company.

Congratulations, Trevor. Keep up the good work.


This month it gives us great pleasure to award Mikey Steward with the EOTM title because he has completely changed his approach to his duties and is becoming a great member of our team. His performance has massively improved and from a few months ago he has made a remarkable transformation, often being prepared to go above and beyond on various occasions this month.

Mikey received the highest number of votes ever for one person in a month since we began this scheme.

Keep up the great work Mikey.


In August 2018, we purchased a series of advanced Picote mechanical drain cleaning machines, in order to add to our diverse drain cleaning methods.

The transition to high speed mechanical cleaning improves control of the machine, whilst also boasting a wide range of accessories to meet the cleaning requirements asked of us, on varying sizes and materials of both external and internal pipework.

The machine itself is more effective and efficient whilst also proving to be safer than conventional types of equipment currently on the market.


This month the award is given to Jon French.

Jon is always full of enthusiasm, very hard working, helpful, punctual, polite and shows total commitment to his work duties. He has become a fundamental part of our pump division and it is a pleasure to have Jon as part of our team.

Very well done Jon, keep up the great work.


Aquaflow adopt new technology to provide a safer, cleaner , faster and more accessible type of cleaning process.

Using specialist equipment which originated in Finland.

Specifically designed to clean internal stack pipes reducing disruption as the process is quicker cleaner and move effective and less intrusive.

With the capability to totally restore pipes affected by scale, corrosion, root intrusion and cement.

The future of Drain Cleaning!

FORS Gold Renewal

We are pleased to announce that our Gold FORS status has been renewed for another year following much hard work from our Transport Manager (Louie Dadomo).

At AquaFlow we take our responsibility on the roads and our duty of care to those using them extremely seriously and are all very proud of this accreditation, as we are of Louie’s efforts to ensure we maintain the high standards we have previously set.




It was very difficult one this month as there were several nominees who all received very nice compliments.

However, Our Employee of the Month for June is Tommy Adams.

Tommy has a fundamental role in our team in the Quotes Department and is constantly sending out Quotations/RAMS whilst also dealing with many other administration requirements. He is always very helpful to all staff and assists them as much as he can. Tommy also forms an integral part of the team at Head Office and his efforts over the past calendar month have been recognised by several members of the team, which has been reflected by the number of votes he received and subsequently this month’s award.

Congratulations Tommy, we glad that your hard work has been recognised.



Our winner for May is Gianluigi Dadomo.

One of the most popular members of staff here, everyone has nothing but praise for this person who is one of the hardest working as well. A delightful, kind, thoughtful considerate person who is always there when we need him. Louie has proved himself to be a fundamental cog in the Aquaflow wheel and we all wonder how we ever coped without him.

Congratulations Louie. We cannot thank you enough for your amazing effort and commitment.



The overwhelming winner of EOTM was Ray McDermid, who received the high majority of nominations, all of which are extremely complimentary of both his efforts and his overall work ethic, as displayed with the below comments from the voting team;

“Simple nomination for me this month – Ray McDermid. He continues to excel from what I can see in terms of helpfulness to the dispatch team and ALWAYS picks up extra jobs. He has shown that he is willing to muck in with volume of weekend working and is by far the most informative engineer when it comes to recommending further works. He always maintains a positive, can do attitude and is easy to communicate with, in that he always answers his phone or will come back to you quickly and is always willing to help out”

“Ray McDermid please, excellent job sheets, very informative recommendations and always conscientious”

“Ray has been extremely helpful throughout the last few months, assisting with multiple call outs prior to his evening works when at HSBC and continues to offer his assistance on weekends. His attitude has been superb, and he is happy to help, irrelevant of the time or location, often when he would have been better off going to bed to prepare for his night or could be heading home like others do. The information he supplies when recommending further works is second to none, often being of a higher standard than more senior members of staff. He even goes to the lengths of texting me 20 minutes before he completes a reactive job, in order that I can prep the next one for him. At his interview, Ray made some big statements about what he would do for us and the standard of his work and I have to say, at the moment, he is backing it all up”

“Ray, always goes above and beyond, his job sheets are always on time and completed with lots of detail, information for quotes is also always provided.  Ray is always up for taking on another job and no matter where it is, he will attend. I have never heard Ray complain about anything and is always enthusiastic”

“My nomination this month is Ray for his constant dedication to the company, always willing to help and a very hard worker with excellent potential”

“He has been working nights for a large percentage of the month but has repeatedly offered to undertake works prior to commencement (and during said works) and has assisted colleagues when they were unsure of works. He is always polite and helpful whenever contacted”

“Picked up a job every time he has been asked to (both coming in for his night shifts and going home also). Enthusiastic, hardworking and job reports are detailed and if required with clear information aiding his recommendations. His detailed handovers not only to the dispatch team, but the quotations department including the aspects of work and for example the lengths of hoses required, accesses, site locations etc has been a breath of fresh air and extremely useful.

In summary, Ray has proven to be a consistent performer, a great addition to the team and has raised the bar in what we should expect from our engineers.

Pretty amazing comments, I am sure you will all agree.