At Aquaflow we pride ourselves on our service delivery, no matter what the situation or what hour of the day the support is required.

To then receive such amazing feedback from a high profile client means the world to us as is further proof that our overall service is second to none.


Dear Aquaflow,

This weekend we had a blockage on a sewer that runs through our site. I was advised by a member of our staff to call the local water authority who advised me that they could send someone within 24 hours. I advised them of the severity of the situation and with much persuasion I eventually pressured them to send me someone sooner. An engineer from a sub-contractor subsequently arrived on site and attempted to unblock this sewer with his rods and then lost them down the drain! Fortunately he eventually recovered them! After five and a half hours sitting about doing absolutely nothing and a second sub-contractor vehicle’s arrival I was advised by said sub contractor that the sewer was not the responsibility of the local water authority and they immediately left site!

This really left me up the creek without a paddle and with a possible catastrophic outcome should the sewer overflow (luckily it had stopped raining or it would have).

Through our property maintenance service contract company that we contacted, Aquaflow attended site promptly with the appropriate equipment to tackle this very serious issue.

I can’t over emphasise how brilliant your company were and how Aquaflow really did save the day. Your engineers Oliver, Louie and Steve were absolutely fantastic! They quickly realised the gravity of the situation and immediately started offering up solutions on how we might resolve this serious issue.

They demonstrated to me a level of expertise and professionalism that I found really impressive. I have been working in open spaces management for 34 years, 22 of those years as a supervisor and to have such a knowledgeable, supportive and friendly team come to site, so promptly, in the early hours of the morning was incredibly impressive and very refreshing (particularly after wasting so much critical time with the local water authority and their nominated sub-contractor).

The handyman and I had tremendous problems finding an intermediate manhole on the night as the location had been lost due to previous ground works. This stopped us from initially clearing the blockage even though we had used the full run of jetting hose up and your team had explored and exhausted all other options on the night.

Oliver and Louie gave us excellent advice and worked tirelessly on the night to resolve the issue and I was particularly impressed with their proactive approach, communication and their ability to develop an alternative action plan for the following day rather than just say we’ve done all we can do and leave.

The handyman and I finally found the manhole in the very early hours of the morning and I contacted Oliver who very proactively came up with a plan, which would resolve the situation a few hours later.

We had a management committee walk that morning who’s route co-incidentally crossed where the blockage was. Louie and Steve were there early on Saturday morning and done a fantastic job clearing the line avoiding any operational or reputational damage and lots of explaining to our consultative committee.

Your out of hours office support was also great and very informative on expected service, equipment and estimated times of arrival.

Your prompt attendance and highly professional team meant that we avoided a potential disaster and I can’t thank your company and particularly the team who attended enough for their support and ability to resolve the situation.

Thank you!

Yours, with gratitude.