This month it gives us great pleasure to award Mikey Steward with the EOTM title because he has completely changed his approach to his duties and is becoming a great member of our team. His performance has massively improved and from a few months ago he has made a remarkable transformation, often being prepared to go above and beyond on various occasions this month.

Mikey received the highest number of votes ever for one person in a month since we began this scheme.

Keep up the great work Mikey.


In August 2018, we purchased a series of advanced Picote mechanical drain cleaning machines, in order to add to our diverse drain cleaning methods.

The transition to high speed mechanical cleaning improves control of the machine, whilst also boasting a wide range of accessories to meet the cleaning requirements asked of us, on varying sizes and materials of both external and internal pipework.

The machine itself is more effective and efficient whilst also proving to be safer than conventional types of equipment currently on the market.