Pump System Refurbishment

Following several call outs and pump failures at a large banking facility in London, our pumps division at Aquaflow had been given the task to refurbish a foul pump tank serving the staff kitchen.

All services were locked off and the tank was drained using a Specialist Mini Vacuum Tanker, clearing away all silt and grease for a controlled off-site disposal.

The old pipework and pumps were cut out and the tank disinfected, we decided when rebuilding the pipework to install an extra riser and non-return valve and to install a temporary  pump at any time should a problem occur in the future.

New Grundfos pumps were installed along with 4 new float switches all terminating back to the control panel.

The seals on the lid of the stainless-steel tank was replaced to lock away any nasty smells.

Another successful installation from our pumps division.


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Credit : Darren Falconer (Mechanical Supervisor)

Pharmaceutical Site – Excavation Project

IMG_0373 IMG_0372 IMG_0368IMG_0343IMG_0374IMG_0333 IMG_0332 IMG_0331 IMG_0330 WELFARE UNIT


Mansion House situated in the heart of Welham Green in Hertfordshire dates from circa 1600 and is listed Grade I. During the 19th century major alterations were carried out by Edward Blore and Sir Ernest George. A phased programme of work has been carried out over several years in order to bring the property into good repair, to improve fire safety and to facilitate its use as a corporate training centre by a Blue Chip Pharmaceutical client. To date over 100 projects have been successfully completed.

In 2016 Aquaflow was awarded the side wide survey of both the foul water and surface water drainage system and subsequent repairs to re-line and replace damaged sections of foul water drains.

As part of this project, in 2017, Aquaflow started a 5m deep x 60m excavation, to replace a damaged 150mm foul water drain.

The main principal driver with this project were to ensure that the main kitchens were not disrupted to any great extent for the FM provider Sodexo. By the careful programming of disconnections, reconnection and adaptations to the drainage system, down time to the kitchen services was kept to an absolute minimum.

At this time, works are still ongoing.

Credit : John Weatherley (Technical Manager)

Expansion Vessel

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Our mechanical team was tasked with changing split expansion vessel diaphragms on 3no 2500L LPHW tanks.

This included the installation of collared lifting eyes above each vessel in the concrete slab and tested and certified to 1.25 tonne.

Vessels isolated, locked off and drained of system water. Pipe work disconnected and capped.

Each vessel was lifted using a block and tackle and lowered to a horizontal plane at ground level.

Bottom entry flanges were removed and existing rubber bladders removed and replaced with new.

Vessels lifted back to a vertical position and reconnected to system pipe work.

Gas pressure charged with nitrogen gas equal to the cold fill pressure of 3 bar.

The main driver was to complete all work in time for a high level water audit by the on site critical services engineering team.

Credit : John Weatherley (Technical Manager)

Shopping Centre

Aquaflow Services were awarded the job to cut in to the existing high level 300mm syphonic rainwater system in the basement service ring road and add several access pipes for future PPM and to re-align sagging and dropped horizontal pipe work, using 300mm Viking Johnson joints. Bespoke welded cantilever support brackets were fitted to support horizontal pipe work once aligned and tested.

There were a number of live services that had to remain in situ. These services originated from both within and outside the retail complex. It required a great deal of coordination between our on-site team and the client to ensure a smooth transition and a continuous and seamless supply. Diversions are generally performed out of standard working hours to cause minimal disruption to the clients day to day workings.

Main services provided by Aquaflow Services;

*Quarterly and annual maintenance to all drainage services including the syphonic rainwater and drainage system.

*Reactive call outs 24/7 365 days per annum.

*Repairs and installation.

Credit : John Weatherley (Technical Manager)