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Back in December we had a visit from Kevin Walsh (President of Spartan Tool LLC) and Mark Futa (Sales & Marketing Director) as we are the biggest purchaser of Spartan Equipment and Tools in the U.K.

We had the opportunity to view current equipment, new equipment and modifications available to existing equipment and discussed innovative ways of improving equipment for the future. We also discussed at length, the use of Spartan within Aquaflow and the percentage of jobs that this equipment is used for. Aquaflow have been established for many years and have used many different brands of drain cleaning equipment and have found Spartan drain cleaning to be the most effective and reliable.

Credit : Dave Jones (General Manager)



Earlier this year, a group of senior staff members visited Brighton to view their extensive system of Victorian sewers running under the town, and a large modern storm drain under the beach.

The group, led by our Managing Director Keith Borrett, headed down on a Thursday afternoon in order to take the tour, led by Southern Water, through 366 metres of the 48km of sewers, starting at the Brighton Pier and emerging through a manhole in the middle of Old Steine Gardens.

The system is connected to a number of outfalls at the popular bathing beach, including emergency storm-water outfalls which could still release raw sewage until the 1990s. One of these may be seen in the stone groyne adjacent to the Palace Pier. During the late 1990s a massive storm water collection drain wide enough to drive a vehicle through was constructed along the beach, using tunnelling machines similar to those used to cut the Channel Tunnel. These were lowered to the tunnel depth via several deep shafts sunk at intervals along the beach, which were subsequently capped and covered. Pebbles were replaced on top of the shafts to return the beach to its former appearance and public use.

All those in attendance found the tour to be extremely interesting and a fantastic team bonding exercise, and would highly recommend it to all those interested in our field of work.